Stand Out in the Mailbox With Printed Direct Mailing Materials

In an era where digital marketing overwhelms audiences, physical mailers are an effective way to engage, educate and inspire. The use of die cuts, dimensional mail and creative formats help to draw attention and create memorability for brands. This is especially important for younger generations who are accustomed to being oversaturated with digital marketing content and appreciate receiving physical items that they can interact with.

Choosing the right paper stock, ink and finishes can enhance the impact of your print marketing. Whether you choose a heavier weight to stand out in a mailbox filled with light weight envelopes, or a textured material that communicates luxury and quality, you can increase your brand’s memorability with your audience.

A window envelope is designed with a transparent area that allows recipients to view the address without having to open the entire mailer. This style of envelope is ideal for sending invoices, statements and other documents that require the recipient’s address to be visible. It is also a great option for marketing materials that include tear-off coupons or gift cards.

An information pack is a multi-page marketing brochure or newsletter that includes a cover, flaps and an insert. These types of mailers can be glued, tabbed or inserted into a larger mailing piece to add additional information or offer multiple promotions. An information pack can be a cost-effective option for marketing your business and can be mailed to a large number of recipients with a single mailing list.

The type of mailer you choose depends on your message and the goal of your campaign. Introducing a new product to a target audience may only require a postcard whereas an elaborate, 3-dimensional mailer might be more appropriate for a high-end brand or special invitation. Consider your budget when selecting your mailer, and evaluate how your chosen design and materials will affect your overall costs. Choosing the most expensive options might be tempting, but you should consider all the associated costs, including printing, postage and fulfilment.

Using variable data in your print marketing is another way to add personalized elements to your direct mail and drive home your message. Variable-data printing uses your customer or prospect’s name or other identifying information to customize the message and content of each individual piece of mail. By adding personalization, you can create a more 1:1 connection with your audience, and this has been shown to increase response rates and improve brand memorability by 21%.

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