Specialized Care of Family Dentistry Versus Regular Dentistry

The specialty of family dentistry is an excellent option for individuals seeking comprehensive oral care that spans all ages in one convenient location. Family dentists are specially trained to provide a wide range of treatments to meet the specific needs of kids, teens, adults and seniors, while addressing unique concerns of each age group such as development, maturation, and risk factors.

Specialized Care of Family Dentistry Versus Regular Dentistry

Seeing the same dentist through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood is essential to building a strong rapport that will ensure children are comfortable with visiting the dentist and developing positive dental hygiene habits that they carry into their adult years. Having a familiar face at each visit will also make it easier for adults to feel comfortable, and they will be able to build a trusting relationship with their dentist that will help address any concerns they may have about their oral health.

A family dentist will have a deep understanding of the different needs of each child, teen and adult patient. This means that if your child has any issues, like cavities or gingivitis, the family dentist can address them right away and will have an in-depth knowledge of how to treat them so that they don’t get worse. Additionally, if your teen or adult needs specialized care such as root canal therapy, orthodontic evaluations or implants, the family dentist will be able to refer them to the appropriate specialist to ensure they receive the treatment that they need.

Traditional Services of Family Dentistry

Because family dentists treat patients of all ages, they will offer a variety of traditional dental services. This includes preventative visits for professional cleanings, fluoride treatments and thorough examinations to keep your family’s teeth healthy. In addition, many family dentists will offer procedures like dental fillings, crowns, bonding and other restorations to repair any damage that has already occurred.

If you’re a parent, one of the most important benefits of family dentistry is that it allows you to schedule appointments for all members of your family in one place. This can save you both time and money, as well as help you avoid the stress of juggling multiple dentist appointments and payments. This is especially helpful for families who are juggling busy schedules, as it can be difficult to find the time to visit individual dentists in separate locations. By visiting the best Northbrook dentist, you can take the pressure off yourself by scheduling all your appointments for the same day, helping everyone in your family to stay on track with their regular dental visits and maintain good oral hygiene routines. This will also set a good example for your children, showing them that it is important to see the same dentist through each stage of life.